Emotional Counselling in Suffolk

Honesty, Acceptance and Compassion.

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Sudbury Psychotherapy and Counselling

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am a BACP registered and UKCP accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor, based in Sudbury, in Suffolk CO10.


I trained at ReVision in North London and have a Diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling. I have many years of experience of working with people struggling with feelings of low self worth, loss, uncertainty, depression and despair. Prior to training as a psychotherapeutic counsellor, I was a palliative care volunteer, supporting people with life-limiting illness and also worked with the Samaritans.


In my counselling work, I have been privileged to witness incredible growth in clients, many of whom had given up on the idea of self-acceptance. There are parallels between tending to the needs of plants and people. And I believe passionately in the power of both to flourish, given the right conditions.


My approach draws on many different schools of therapy but is based in compassion; both for self and others. 

UKCP Registration No: 2011173330 

BACP Registration No: 238693

Some of the issues I can support you with:


Our work together may include giving space to your heartbreak and grief, fear and anxiety, feelings of depression, sadness and anger. We might explore finding meaning in your life and managing transitions such as relationships ending, mid life and getting older.


My experience includes working with all types of loss - including  loss through bereavement and loss of belonging; suicidal thoughts and feelings; and helping to create an environment that may lead to greater acceptance, understanding and compassion for different parts of your self.


You may be exhausted from 'being strong', holding secrets or feelings of shame and guilt. Whatever you bring, I offer a confidential, supportive and non-judgemental space where we can look at what is troubling you.



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"When the Japanese mend broken objects they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold, because they believe that when something's suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful." 


Thank you for all you’ve done for me, this past year – it’s been a real journey, and a huge learning one at that. I am so glad I came to see you and received the help I needed – I know I wouldn't have come this far, personally, without it.